Monday, June 27, 2011

#Fitblog Plank Challenge, Wrap Up

Hello Monday.  How did you get here so fast?

I had a great weekend, which included tinkering with a new recipe.  Here's a sneak peak:

Any guesses on what it might be?

It will be revealed later this week, I promise. :)

Now, let's talk about...

I am proud to report that I broke the 2 minute mark yesterday:  2 mins, 10 secs.  Whoohoo!  Not quite the 5 minutes I had originally set out to do, but all things considered, I am really happy with the results.

While I am always up for a good challenge, I didn't feel quite as motivated for this one.  It could be that I had a few weeks when my body was telling me to work in and rest so I wasn't able to give it 100%.

Maybe I just needed more variety and I think I may have found it.

There is a new challenge in town: 3000 in 35 and it is all about the abs!  It starts on July 1, so head on over and get all the details.

Are you motivated to take on new challenges?  What do you do when you lose steam?

Stay Healthy,

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