Monday, July 18, 2011

Spending Time with Yourself

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  I was home alone and took full advantage of the time to relax.

Exhibit A:  Me in my PJ's at 9pm on a Saturday night.

Everyone needs down time.  After a hectic week of working, school, kids or whatever else keeps you busy, sometimes you just need to spend some quality time with yourself.

Many people have a hard time being alone.  I am not one of those people.  I learned a long time ago that if you can't enjoy your own company, how can you expect anyone else to.  It can be tough to do at first, but I really do believe that it is time well spent.

Taking the time to do some activities on your own helps you to sort out your thoughts, reflect on your goals, learn to be independent and allow you to relax.

So, how do you take advantage of this glorious time?  Here are just a few possibilities.

Meditation or Yoga
This is a great time to enjoy the silence and practice some restorative yoga with a focus on stretching.  You could also take a few moments to do some meditation and/or chanting. This is not everyone's thing, but I urge you to try it at least one.  You will be surprised how relaxing it can be.

I am truly a magazine girl, but I often find that I don't take the time to read them during the week. Over the weekend, I grabbed a few of my favourites and took a nice, hot bubble bath.

It is no secret that I love baking.  There is just something about it that I find soothing.  I made these over the weekend (post coming later in the week) and may have eaten a few with a cup of chai tea. :)

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Do you like to spend time with yourself?  Which activities do you find relaxing?

Stay Healthy,

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