Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Move of the Month: Runner's Lunge

I chose the runner's lunge this month because it is a fantastic exercise that targets your entire lower body and with some added weights, your shoulders and arms.  Here are some points to keep in mind:
  • If you are new to exercise, don't step as far back or lunge as deeply, eliminate the weights and/or bring the toe to the floor instead of raising the knee
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and over your hips with abdominals tights
  • Increase the intensity by dropping your knee down to the floor and/or using heavier weights

Runner's Lunge

  1. Holding some light hand weights, inhale as you step back with your right leg into a strong lunge.  Drop down as far as you are comfortable.
  2. Ensure that your front knee is in line with your ankle and your hips are square and facing forward.
  3. Exhale as you press your weight into the heel of your left foot, lift your right knee parallel to the ground while pump up your left arm.
  4. Pause for 5 seconds and inhale to drop your right leg back into the lunge.
  5. Repeat fro 10-15 reps, then switch sides.
Speaking of moves, here are mine for the week ;).

You may remember that I have included a new section to work on my daily joy (thanks to Heather for the inspiration) and it is really working work for me.

Workout: 5k Run/Walk, Upper Body Workout 
Happiness: Clean, Clean Clean

Workout: Lower Body Workout, Yoga 
Happiness:  Work on new website (it is really coming along, very exciting :) 

Workout: Swim
Happiness: Read pre-natal fitness books from the library 

Workout: Turbo Fire HIIT, Upper Body Workout 
Happiness Research new cell phones

Workout: 5k Run/Walk, Teach Muscle and Yoga Classes
Happiness: Watch a movie   

Workout: Rest  
Happiness: Start cake decorating class (yes, I finally signed up!)

Workout: Swim 
Happiness: Plan for next week

Do you incorporate the runner's lunge into your lower body workouts?

Stay Healthy,

P.S. If you live in the Toronto Area, pick up a free copy of Tonic Toronto.  I am a featured contributor this month with my article about How to Choose the Right Gym Class!

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