Friday, September 02, 2011

My 3 Favourite Healthy Resources for Kids

Thank you so much for your fantastic feedback on the new inspiration board (and my Blissdom Canada entry :)  I am so excited about moving forward.

Speaking of moving forward, it is the last long weekend of the summer and it is time to get ready to go back-to-school!  I am sure you are going to hear a grumble or two from the kids, while some parents are doing the dance of joy (remember this ad from Staples?)

Today, I thought it would be fitting for my 3 favourites to be all about the kids.  I really like these sites because they have an endless amount of fun activities, incorporate fitness and nutritional tips and are super easy to navigate.


Kaboose is a great resource for parents and kids.  There are printable activities, video tutorials and online games.  There is even a section "Just for Mom", which features health articles, beauty advice and money-saving tips.  Even if you are not a parent, you could benefit from this section.  Two thumbs way up!

Truestar Health
You have heard me sing the praises of Truestar before (I am a big fan of their programs and supplements).  Well, they have just relaunched their website and it now completely free to join.  This is great news as they have a fantastic section just for kids.  Their articles are informative, well-researched and they have great tips on how to keep your children healthy and fit.

Today's Parent
Not only an excellent magazine, but a great online resource.  I particularly like the way the site breaks down activities and tips for the different stages of a child's life from newborn to teen.  This makes it easy peasy for a busy parent to go to the section(s) they need.  It also features articles on fitness, nutrition and "Parent Time".

Are you getting your kids ready to go back to school?  What are some of your favourite online resources?

Stay Healthy,

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