Thursday, September 01, 2011

Resolutions Reworked

The beginning of the month can only mean one thing:  Time to get your planning on!

(Remember it is still summer until the end of the month so take advantage of the warm weather...with an outdoor workout, perhaps? :)

I mentioned in my post about finding your inner happiness that I would be tackling my new inspiration board on Saturday, but I had some time yesterday morning and thought it would work perfectly for today's post.

With my new approach to goal setting, having a visual of what I aspire too works much better for me than a list of to-do's.  However, I continue to plan weekly (usually daily) to do what needs to get done.

Without further ado, here is the new board back to back with the one I made in January.

I purposely did not look at my previous board before I made the new one as I didn't want it to bias my search (i.e. look at the old board and say, "I already have that so I don't need it on the new one").  I wanted it to be organic, to be able to compare where I was then to where I am now.

You may notice that there is some common themes in both boards.  This is telling me two things:

  1. These goals/ideas/dreams are still important to me and;
  2. Some of these inspirations have not yet been realized, which is why they are still on there.

Now, I can take the time to reflect on why that is and what I am going to do about it.

This was a wonderful learning experience and a fun and creative way to spend a weekday morning.  I will keep both boards in my room as a reminder of what I have accomplished and what I aspire to do.

Have you updated your inspiration board?  Don't have one?  Now is the perfect time to create your vision. :)

Stay Healthy,

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