Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 Minute Workout: Bootcamp

Bootcamps are very hot right now and for good reason:  They give you the intense workout of a personal training session with the teamwork and social benefits of group fitness. They are also a pretty cost effective option, usually about quarter of the price of a one-on-one session.

(Check out this post to learn about Bootcamp Basics)

However, there may be some of you who do not feel comfortable in a bootcamp class or just don't have the time or means to commit.

This post is for you.

Here is a 30 minute bootcamp style workout that you can do at home.  Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes, running shoes and have a bottle of water handy.  (Also check with your doc before you start any exercise program).

30 Minute Bootcamp
 This workout consists of three strength training circuits.  Perform one set of each exercise in the circuit for the specified number of reps, then move on to the next.  When you have completed the circuit, repeat it two more times.  Rest 30-60 seconds between each exercise (or longer, if needed). 

Equipment Needed:
Resistance Bands
Light hand weights, 3-8 lbs
Fitness Mat

Recommended Music
Desperate Hot Wives, Vol. 4., Power Music

Warm Up
5 minutes (Walk, knee lifts, even on a stationary piece of cardio equipment)

Circuit #1 - Lower Body 15-20 Reps
Walking Lunges 
Calf Raises
Single Leg Bridge

Circuit # 2 - Upper Body, 10-12 Reps
Push Ups
Seated Row
Triceps Lifts
Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Circuit # 3 - Core Work, 20-25 Reps

Alternate Arm/Leg Lifts
Roll Up/ Roll Down
Single Leg Stretch

Yoga Stretch

Have you ever participated in a bootcamp?  Did you love it?  Hate it?

Stay Healthy,

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