Monday, October 03, 2011

Resolutions Revitalized

A new month is here and it time to reflect of those resolutions (goals, plans, images or whatever you want to call them).

You may remember at the beginning of last month, I updated my inspiration board to better reflect what is currently important to me.

Many of the visions on this board are becoming a reality (I am taking a cake decorating class and going on a wine tour next week) while others still need some work (like polishing my photography skills and keeping things simple).  There are some things on here that I haven't even given a second thought since I created the board.

Am I going to sweat it and worry about what I haven't accomplished?  Not at all.

I really like things to happen organically.  I don't want to force something just so I can check it off a list.  I look at my board to see which (if any) visions I can bring into my week.  For example, I could write "have fun" on a post-it and put it on my computer as a friendly reminder.

I challenge you to look at your inspiration board (goal, to-do list) and see if there is anything that you could naturally fit into your week.  Something that just stands out to you, telling you it is the right time to tackle this project, goal or idea.

Did something stand out?  What is it and how are you going to fit it into your week?

Stay Healthy,

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