Monday, October 24, 2011

4 Misleading Food Labels

Have you ever noticed that names and descriptions often make a product sound healthy, even when it isn't?

I came across a product that was touted as "organic veggie chips".  When I picked up the bag and looked at the label, I noticed that the chips were deep fried.  Hmmm.  I am pretty sure that any of the organic goodness that may have existed got lost in the hot oil.

It is easy to fall for this marketing tricks when you are trying to make healthy food choices for your and your family.  To help you out, I have rounded up a few of the misleading food labels that you should be wary of.

Source.  What does "100% Natural" mean exactly?

Flavoured Water
Flavoured waters are often very high in sugar and artificial flavours.  The better bet is to buy a reusable water bottle and jazz it up with frozen fruit or cucumber slices.

Breakfast Smoothie
This may sound like a healthy choice, but they are often high in sugar and calories.  Save yourself some calories (and money) and make your own smoothie with ingredients like greek yogurt, milk, honey and banana.

Contains Whole Grains
These products are often made primary with "enriched wheat flour" with actual whole grains near the bottom of the list.  Dark colours are also added to give the feel of a healthier product.  Try making your own bread instead!

Made with Real Fruit
...and corn syrup and food dye get the idea.  Although they may contain some fruit juice, the concentration is so minute that you will hardly reap any benefits.  Steer away from the fruit chews and pick up a piece of fruit instead.

Lesson of the Day: Read the entire label before picking up a new product and make sure it contains a list of ingredients that you actually want to eat.

Which other "healthy" product labels have you seen?

Stay Healthy,

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