Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favourites: Music for Relaxation

Music and relaxation (or yoga, pilates and meditation) are a perfect combination, in my books.
The right music can set the mood, help improve your focus and relax the body.

I thought I would round out my work-in week by sharing a few of my favourite albums, which I hope will help you in your practice.

(You could most certainly put together your own playlist, but I find the flow is much better in pre-made albums, especially for yoga.  However, if you are doing a short meditation, one song may be all you need.)

Click the link to listen to a preview of each album.

Adagio: Music for Healing by Peter Davidson
This has been a favourite of mine for yoga and relaxation for many years.  I still use it for myself and in all of my classes.  The songs are peaceful, soothing and perfect for a yoga class or a quiet night in.

Pilates Workout Music, Vol. 1
I do usually create my own playlist for pilates classes, but I came across this one and really liked it.  I like my pliates music to be a combination of acid jazz (think St. Germain) and smooth soul (think Sade) and this album really fit the bill.

Hata Yoga by Aa. vv
I am actually surprised that I like this album as much as I do.  It is a little more electronic and a little less quiet than I usually enjoy.  I have only used it in my classes a few times and some of my students love it, others hate it.  Listen for yourself and see if it moves you.

So where do you weigh in with music and relaxation - do it help or hinder you?

Stay Healthy,

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