Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Crazy Fitness Gimmicks...Again

I admit it.  I bought this a few years ago.

The Ab Glide.

Yes, it is a fitness gimmick and to be honest, it actually works.

However, I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner as it would be very easy to injure yourself if you are not using proper form.  I am also not sure if it is worth the cost of admission as you could get similar results using a stability ball.

But, I digress.

Let's have a look at a few more fun, fitness gadgets I have found in my online adventures and I will let you be the judge.

Crazy Gimmick # 3: The BallBike
You can get "cardio spinning and core ball firming at the same time"!  As ridiculous as the informercial is, I don't think this is such a bad idea.  Working on an unstable surface can be a very effective way of engaging your core muscles.

However, it looks like it is a bit awkward to use, so I am not sure you would be able to work out at the same intensity as regular spinning or even running.

For the price tag ($699),  I think I will stick with my cardio workout and jump on the ball after.

Crazy Gimmick # 2: Slendertone Flex Belt
This device uses electrical muscle stimulation to contract the legs, abdomionals and gluteals.   I am definitely a skeptic, especially after I heard a story from a fellow trainer about a client who got second degree burns by using a similar product.

No thank you.  Use that $140 and get yourself some great hand weights, a band and a mat and work your abs the old fashion way.

Crazy Gimmick # 1:  My Diet Dinnerware 
This system is "recommended by doctors, nutritionist and dietitians", so it must be good, right?

It is a knife and fork built with a timer.  When the light is green, eat.  When the light turns red, stop. That is it.

While I like the concept behind the product (we need to eat more slowly), I am not sure I need to spend $25 to help me do this.  I think we should use that money to buy better healthier food.

What do you think?

Stay Healthy,

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