Thursday, May 19, 2011

Passport to Prana: Mystic Pointe Yoga

It is so nice to be feeling better.  Sorry for the late post, but I am playing catch up today.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.  It's funny, because I said to myself at the beginning of the week that I was going keep my workouts gentle.  My mind already knew that my body needed rest and on Tuesday, my body spoke loud a clear.

Now, for the post I was going to share yesterday.  Remember when I got this?

Well, every time I go on a yoga adventure, I am going to share my experience with you in the hopes that you will be inspired to try something new :)

On Saturday I used my pass for the first time at  Mystic Pointe Yoga.  I went to the afternoon Hot Yoga class (so I could go yard sailing in the morning).

It is a lovely little studio and when I walked in, all I could hear were the soothing sounds of a waterfall.
I filled out some paperwork and make my way into the studio.

The room is painted a very neutral brown with yoga symbols and artwork.  The instructor, Emily, was quite friendly and asked if there was anyone new to hot yoga.  No one raised their hands so we got right to work.

This particular studio uses infrared heat, which I found to be much less warm than some other classes I have been to.  The practice was also much more active, like a vinyasa flow, so less heat was a good thing.

After a 75 minute class, I was spent.  Here is my experience breakdown:


  • The temperature was just hot enough to give me a good sweat and be able to do the postures.
  • The instructor was very knowledgeable and went around the class to check on technique and offered modifications.
  • I felt like I was getting a full body workout.

Not So Much

  • I prefer practicing with music.
  • It was a bit repetitive at the beginning, would have liked to explore other poses.
  • More time focused on stretching and relaxation.
  • No information about the studio was offered to me before or after the class.

Overall, my experience positive and I would consider returning back to try a different class, perhaps a relaxation or stretching class.

Have you tried any new classes lately?

Stay Healthy,

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