Thursday, May 05, 2011

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Walking/Running

A gorgeous day today, absolutely perfect weather for an outdoor run.

Speaking of running, I tweeted earlier this week that I set foot on the treadmill for the first time in years and I have to admit, it wasn't so bad.  I still prefer to be outside, but I actually found it tougher than my outdoor runs.

This got me to thinking about the reasons why.

It could be because my body is very used to my outdoor route and the feel of the pavement.  It could also be that I was doing much more hill work.

The feeling of the treadmill is very different, and I think I am going to start incorporating it into my weekly regime as a way to mix up my workouts.
(I am as shocked as you are:)

With that in mind, I thought I would put together a quick post comparing indoor and outdoor running/walking.

Indoor (Treadmill) Walking/Running


  • You can do it anytime (if you have one in your home) and it is weather proof
  • Provides some cushion to support the knees
  • Equip with tools such calories burned, pace, incline and delcine (on some models)
  • Are able to read or watch TV during your workout, which can be a motivator


  • Can be a costly investment
  • Not as convenient if you don't have one at home and are unable to get to the gym
  • Walking or running in place can get boring for some people

Outdoor Walking/Running


  • The fresh air and exploring the wonderful places in your neighbourhood
  • Able to run/walk with a partner or as a group
  • It is free, with no line ups or waiting for equipment
  • Achieve a greater feeling of accomplishment (this one is hard to explain, it is like you have actually "been" somewhere)


  • Can be weather permitting (although many people get out there, cold, rain or shine)
  • Easier to lose track of time as the numbers are not right in from of you
  • Not very private

Time for you to weigh in!  Indoors or outdoors and why? 
Do you find one harder than the other?

Stay Healthy,

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