Monday, May 09, 2011

Spring Eating and Meal Makeovers

I often find that as the weather shifts from cold, dark and gloomy to sunny, bright and warn, so do my eating habits.

I move from craving this:

To more of this:

There is just something about the change of seasons that makes the mind and body want to move away from heavy comfort foods and into light and fresh fare.

It could be the positive and lifting effects of the sun, or perhaps the higher temperatures that causes the change.

Whatever the reason, I am happy to listen to the body and give it what it needs.

In the spirit of craving lighter foods, I have received a few request to start giving healthy makeovers to more savoury dishes.

I had never really thought about it before as my passion has always been with baking, but I am always up for a challenge :)

Which meals would you like to see madeover with a healthy twist?  
Do you find your eating habits change with the seasons?

Stay Healthy,

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