Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Listening to the Mind, Body and Spirit

How is everyone doing with your Work-in Week?

My body is talking to me today and I am listening, so it is yoga and perhaps a dip the pool later.

In my guest post for Lisa @ I'm An Okie last week, I talked about the importance of paying attention to what your body needs.  It may be listening to what it wants you to eat, which activities feel good and when it wants you to rest.

What about what your mind is telling you?

The mind can share with you the same things that your body does, but they can often be in conflict.

For example, the mind is telling you that it really wants you to run.  However, the body is sore and tired.  Or perhaps the body is suggesting that you have a nap while the mind is alert and awake.

So, who do you listen to?


It is all about balance.

You always have to take into consideration the needs of the mind, body and spirit.  Then, you can decide which choices are going to be the healthiest for you as a whole.  Sometimes the mind wins, sometimes the body wins.

The mind has a great capacity for positive, but we often only listen to the negative and apply it to our spirits and bodies.

As you get better at connecting your mind, body and spirit, you will find that they truly start making decisions together.  You start to tap in to the positive feelings and apply them to the world around you.

This trio is a great team and once you can get them in balance, everyone wins. 

How do you balance the needs of your mind and body?  
Are they working together or do you find that they are in conflict?

Stay Healthy,

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