Monday, March 28, 2011

PIPES Challenge, Week 2 and Fit Expo Fun

Yesterday, I had the chance to go to a Fit Expo at Xtreme Couture.  For those not who don't live in the T., they are a fitness club that also offers MMA.

A good friend of mine is a member and has been trying to get to me to check it out for a while and I thought this was a great opportunity to see what they have to offer.

I checked out the club, saw some MMA in action and jumped in a hot yoga class.  It was fantastic.  One of the best ones I have been to and my body thanked me for it.

There were exhibitors for everything from clothing to power bars and protein powders. Speaking of which, I scored a goodie bag with some free samples.

Like most of you, I prefer to get my nutrients from food, but sometimes we do need a little boost.  I looked at the ingredients of one of the samples and noticed this:

Artificial sweetener, my friends.  It was in all of the samples I picked up.  As I mentioned in my post, I am not a big fan of the taste (anymore), but I am willing give it a try and let you know what the verdict is.

Now on to the PIPES Challenge update.

I successfully completed Week 1 and it solidified what I already knew:
pushups are one of the toughest exercises out there!

After the second workout, my arms and chest were feeling the damage.  It was nice to have the weekend to rest.

I am starting Week 2 today and I think I am going to alternate between full and modified pushups so I am able to safely incorporate it into my regular workouts.

Have you been to any fitness expos in your area?  
How are my fellow PIPES Challengers doing?

Stay Healthy,

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