Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why You Are Not Losing Weight

I am a realist.

Even though our focus should be on feeling better and getting healthy, I know that many of you focus on one thing:  weight loss.

We have all been there and that is okay.  Weight loss is an important goal for many people and I would like to think that the process of losing a few pounds will help get you closer to feeling better and getting healthy.

So here it is. You are eating right, exercising, but your body isn't changing at all.  What is going on?

Here are a few reasons why the scale won't budge.

 You Are Lacking Intensity
I have talked about kicking up your intensity before (here and here).  You have to exercise hard enough to work the heart, muscles and dig into those fat stores.

High intensity is different for everyone.  What feels quite difficult to me, could be an easy workout for you.  What is important is that when you finish your workout, your body should feel like, well, you just worked out.

Your Diet Isn't Quite As Clean As You Think
Most of us underestimate what we consume in a day.  We conveniently forgot about the muffin we had for breakfast or the icing we ate while making a cake (guilty.)

I am all for indulgences, but if you are trying to lose weight, you have to honestly look at your overall diet and see where you might be able to make some healthier choices.  Journaling can really help with this process. 

Your Gaining Muscle
Have you ever heard that "muscle weighs more than fat'?  Well, that is not exactly true.  A pound of muscle = a pound of fat, but muscle is much more dense than fat, is smoother and takes up less space in the body.

When you gain muscle, you may not notice any change in the scale, but you will notice that your clothes will fit better and you have more energy.

Remember: While weight loss is a fantastic accomplishment, it isn't the be all and end all of good health.  Feeling good about yourself starts inside.

Do you focus on weight loss or overall health? 
What has helped you in your journey?

Stay Healthy,

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