Sunday, March 13, 2011

Work-In Week Wrap Up and Getting Organized

It is the last day of my Work-In Week and I have to say that my mind, body and spirit have truly appreciated the time I have taken for me.

I only ran and weight trained once this week and that is OK.  My mind told me that I wanted to, but my body begged to differ.  I listened to my body and I spent the the week doing yoga, pliates and swimming.

I believe it is exactly what I needed.

I have also learned this week (much like the lessons in my vegan week), that planning really helps in everything you do.  Whether it is working out (or in), meal preparation, personal goals or "me" time.

To finish off my week, I am going to get organized today starting with this:

 My recipe book.

It is actually a pretty cool little book with sections for different meals and cue cards to add new recipes.

However, instead of typing or wrting down the recipes, I just just shove them inside the book and it ends up looking like a big mess:

Taking on little projects like is is actually something I enjoy.  There is something very satisfying about taking something that is a complete disaster and turning it into something you can actually use :)

How did your Work-In Week go? 
Are you a planner and an organizer or do you go with the flow?

Stay Healthy,

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