Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tips for the Novice Runner

It is official, I have been a runner for 9 months!

As part of my confession, I mentioned that I am still an interval runner and that works for me.  I do have a goal of running 5k without stopping and I will get there with time.

Running for me has always been a challenge, but I am sticking with it and happy that I am.  I have a had a few requests from some newbies about getting started on a running programs.

Here are some quick tips that I hope you find helpful.

Just like Paige!

Ask a Pro
If you are just getting started in any training program, it is always a good idea to consult with your Doc.  You may also want to talk to a trainer to learn the ins and outs of running and get you started on your program.

You Have to Walk Before You Can Run
I started my journey by simply walking around my neighbourhood for an hour, 2-3 times a week.  A treadmill works too and many of them have walking programs.  After a few weeks, you can introduce some light jogging into your plan.


Grab a Buddy
Having a workout partner or joining a running group is a great way to get support.  To find one, check out your local Running Room or websites like Meetup and Dailymile.

Get the Right Gear
I have mentioned this before, but having the right shoes makes all the difference for walking and running.  If you are heading outdoors, make sure you dress in layers and invest in moisture-wicking clothing.

Stretching & Rest
I quickly found out that these are key to my running success.  I stretch for about 15 minutes after my run and make sure that I include rest days in my program.  Listening to your body is so important.

What would you suggest to someone who is starting a running program?

Stay Healthy,

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