Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Workout Wear: 3 Essential Investments

I know, you are looking at the title of the post thinking, "but you said fitness is free!"

You are right, exercise is free, but there are some pieces that you may want to invest in to make your time in the gym (or at home) more efficient and comfortable.

I would suggest that you go for quality over quantity.  It will cost a bit more upfront, but your gear will last longer and save you money in the long run.

I have talked about what to include in your gym bag, so today I am going to talk about what to wear.

Invest in a pair of running shoes that are light and offer good support.   Not sure which ones to buy?  Try on several different types and take them or a test drive around the store.

If you have issues with your feet or back, it could be the shoes you are wearing.  Head to a specialist who will diagnose your problem and help you choose which ones are right for your needs.

Remember to replace your shoes about every 6 months (or sooner if you very active) as they lose support over time and use.

Sports Bra
I cannot stress enough the importance of a great sports bra for women, especially for cardiovascular activities.  The best one for you will depend on the amount of support you need and the activities you will be engaging in.

You may want to consider purchasing more than one if you train in different modalities (i.e. your running bra may not be the most comfortable for yoga).

In all cases, look for one that fits snugly, has thick straps that don't dig into the shoulders and is moisture-wicking.

Exercise + Cotton = Disaster.

Cotton soaks up sweat leaving you wet and cold at the end of your workout.  Make sure that all of your pieces have stretch, moisture-wicking properties and are breathable. 

Go for tops that are not baggy or bulky and offer some support.  Choose bottoms (short, crops or pants, the choice is yours) that do not ride up and fit well around the waist.

No matter what gear you choose, you need to try it on to figure out what works for you and your fitness needs.

What fitness wear can't you live without?  
Do you buy brand-specific or just choose what feels right for you?

Stay Healthy,

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