Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My 3 Favourite Healthy Living Blogs

As you know, I read a lot of blogs.

Most of them about health, food and fitness.  Some about blogging, branding and social media.

I mentioned some of them in a few posts, including why people read your blog and my journey in blog photography.

Of the blogs I follow (300+ and counting), there are a few that I read everyday. I thought I would share three health and wellness blogs, tell you what makes them so interesting and why I go back day after day.

Where's the Beach?
Heather shares her daily workouts and delicious vegetarian recipes infused with her glowing personality.  I am always looking forward to reading about her daily adventures in running, fitness and food.  Heather takes the time to respond to her reader's comments and truly values their input.

Cotter's Crunch
Lindsay writes with humour, wit and gives all her posts a personal touch.  She shares amazing recipes and workouts with fantastic photos that make her blog pop.  You can tell that her words are genuine and she loves share with others.  Lindsay always respond to my comments and truly wants to connect to her readers.

I Heart Wellness
One of my favourite bloggers, Kris is bursting with the positivity and energy that we would all use a bit more of.  From yummy gluten-free, vegan baking to helping fellow bloggers find their inspiration and reach their goals, Kris embodies passion.  She responds to comments with a love and appreciation that I admire.

These fantastic bloggers have much in common, but you will notice one thing that really stands out:

They engage with their readers.

There are many blogs out there with great content, but these bloggers make me feel like my opinions are important and valued. This is key for me to come back for more.

Which healthy living blogs are your favourite?  Why?

Stay Healthy,

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