Friday, April 01, 2011

Resolutions Revamped

Happy April!  Did anyone get fooled this morning?

It is a sunny start to the month and time to reflect on those New Years Resolutions (you didn't forget about them, did you?)

I am still looking at my inspiration board once a week to keep me motivated and I thought I would give a quick rundown on how I am doing with my goals.

Find My Joy
I am still working on this one, but I am on my way.  I have been consciously making positive changes, new friends and giving myself "me" time.

Keep Running
I am still in love with running.  I am listening to my body and mixing up my runs, with walking and swimming.

Manage My Health
I know I am making better food choices and trying to include more organic in my life.  I have finally booked a massage and have an appointment with a pain specialist in May.  I will keep you posted.

Build My Blog 
Since December, my readership has increased times 10!  Thank you for making that possible :) I love blogging daily and sharing my love for health and wellness. 

Build My Business (NEW)
I also made the desicion to get back into fitness full-time and I am so excited to be building my new business, Custom Fit Consulting.  Have you "liked" me on Facebook yet? ;)


Find A Hobby
This one, I am still working on.  I am going to look into taking some cake decorating over the next few months.

I have done some volunteer PR work for a few clients and it felt great!  I am still looking for just the right place to make a commitment.

Start Saving 
I am slowing starting to save my pennies, but this one definitely needs work.

How are you doing with your resolutions?  I would love to hear all about your progress!

Stay Healthy, 

P.S. Check out these posts for tips about revisiting and recharging your goals.

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