Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Try It Tuesdays

I'd like to think that I am fairly open person.  I am always ready to take on a new challenge and step outside my comfort zone.

However, I often find myself doing the same kind of exercise, eating the same thing for lunch and following the same routine day after day.

It is not done purposely, we are all just creatures of habit. Every once in a while I "wake up" and realize it is time to shake things up.

Once a month on Tuesday, I am going to blog about something new that I would like to try.  It could be anything from a great shampoo to experimenting in the kitchen with a new cuisine.

Here are my 3 for this month.

I know that they are a fantastic source of protein and omegas, I am going to sprinkle these on my salad for lunch :)

I am going to learn more about Chakras and Meridians.  The natural energy of the body is something I have always been interested in and I think it will really add to my yoga practice.

Bloggers everywhere are touting the benefits of coconut water and I thought it was time that I finally give it a try.

Are you with me?   
What are 3 new things that you are going to try this month?

Stay Healthy,

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