Saturday, April 30, 2011

Having a (Stability) Ball

What a beautiful, sunny Saturday in TO.  It is so nice to see the sun after a few days of grey and gloom.

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite pieces of exercises equipment:  The stability ball.

There are many reasons why I like it, including:

  • It adds versatility to your workouts
  • It allows you to challenge your muscles on an unstable surface
  • It is portable and perfect for home use
  • It is very affordable (prices range from $20-$35)

One particular DVD I am enjoying right now is:

Weight Loss for the Balance Ball is a full-body workout that incorporates the principles of pilates (which you know I have learned to love).

It is also divided into easy to follow sections, so you are able to break up your workouts without disturbing your flow.

Do you use a stability ball in your workouts?  Do you love it?  
Why or why not?

Stay Healthy,

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