Monday, April 25, 2011

PIPES Challenge, Week 6 and Learning to Love Pilates

I love pilates.

It is a great way to connect movement and breath, creates long, lean muscles and can help with weight loss.

But I didn't always think so.

When I took my first workshop about 10 years ago, I thought it was slow and boring.  I was used to the fast-pace of a step class or the high intensity of kick boxing and I really didn't find the class to be much of a challenge.

A few years later, I reluctantly gave it another chance.  It still took some time for me to adapt to a different kind of workout but, I started to learn the principle behind pilates and the reasons for the exercises.

Among many things, it is about mindfulness, which is achieved through precision of movement, breath and the centering of the core.

This is something I could get on board with.  Body awareness is so important in any kind of exercise.  As a fitness trainer and instructor, I could use these principles to help educate my clients.

Ten years later, I am practicing and teaching pilates and continue to learn about all the ways it can benefit the mind, body and spirit.

The lesson:  Open your mind to new things and give them a chance before you dismiss them.  The results might surprise you.

Now, for the PIPES!

We are in the home stretch of the challenge and as I am proud to say I am still standing. :)

Last week I started doing 8 sets of pushups, which was very tough workout indeed.  However, I pressed through and continued to modify as needed.

As much as I am enjoying the challenge, I have to admit that doing all pushups, all the time can get a bit monotonous.  I am really missing the variety of my other strength training workouts. 

However, I will persevere and look forward to posting the results next week! 

Do you practice pilates?  Was it love at first sight?
Are any of my fellow PIPES participants battling pushup boredom?

Stay Healthy,

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